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DON'T PANIC (2015) jumps back several years to 2011, this time revisiting Bontown from the perspective of Jared Paige before he was a wanted man. The suffocating anxiety endured by Jared has been brought to an all-time high in the wake of the farewell show for his infamous hardcore band, Chances, and the lingering remorse for turning his entire city against Nadia Chino. As the public image he has built for himself feels more and more like that of a stranger, the future-fugitive is ready to snap. The story begins to bridge the gap between Jared Paige, hardcore barista and Jared Paige, anarchist assassin, as the dark secrets behind Bontown's small community grow deeper and more mysterious.





STORM CLOUDS (2014) followed detectives Adrian Rose and Nadia Chino to the small town of Bontown, on the hunt for the notorious Party Killer, a masked murderer hunting down police officers in nightclubs statewide. The main suspect was the now-missing Jared Paige, a past lover of Nadia's, and their search to his hometown only brings up more questions. Is Jared Paige the Party Killer, or does the killer stand for something much bigger and darker going down in Bontown?





After a lengthy development process, GHOST BEACH proves to be the most exciting and ambitious instalment in the STORM CLOUDS series yet, clocking in at over 100 pages of thrilling beach town mystery! Chino, Dobson and the rest of their police friends are headed to Bontown to investigate a new party drug with sinister side effects. Jared discovers the man he attacked on the train in the last comic was actually the son of a local politician, and the city is in a panic to find out what happened to him. Frankie and Charlie, while working together at the hospital, encounter a familiar face in the emergency room. And we meet Erin Rhyse, Jared's best friend and housemate, who is getting closer and closer to unwravelling this whole mess.