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Mastering cliffhangers worthy of Twin Peaks, Ghost Beach will leave you second-guessing everything you thought you knew about Bontown. I'm in love with the way the format and layout is played with; the pages after Jared is given the "anti-anxiety cocktail", as well as the multi-story/timeline spreads make this story jump off the pages at you.

10/10 - my favourite book of 2017!

Rose Wadsworth - Vocalist, Masochist


Jared Paige is afraid of being attacked in his own home. Reading Ghost Beach is like the feeling you get when you wake up in the night and think someone has broken into your house. The layers of mystery and confusion make you move from page to page expecting imminent terror. Bontown is the darkside of the city you pretend is not there. The Storm Clouds spiral spins faster as it all leads down to the bottom.

David Graham - Poet


[STORM CLOUDS is] snappy and sharp, brimming with witty dialogue and well developed characters but it's the atmosphere Ben creates that is most impressive. This comic is TENSE. There is a strong sense of foreboding that permeates these pages. Themes of guilt and shame drag you into the psyche of the main character Jared Paige. As I read I was preparing myself for a jolt. You get the feeling that something dreadful is going to happen every time you turn the page.

Matt Kyme - Wrath of the Cursed


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